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Lunch with the Disabled

Youth usually meet with the group once a month to visit museums, exhibitions and relevant cultural areas. Instead, this time youth organised a lunch to say goodbye to 2017 altogether.

It was a special moment not only because of the presence of the members of the group and of the usual people “in love” with this project, but because of the arrival of two beings, who joined the team lovingly and spontaneously. They are worthy of being presented and this article will do so by telling a story about them, which happened before this lunch.

They are Alessandro and Gabriele, respectively President and Vice-president of a Multifunctional Soccer School in Grottaferrata near Rome. When they discovered the group did not have a football field anymore to train and play football freely, they offered their structures for this purpose. Therefore, they got in touch with the association with which Sai youth collaborate.


In this way the members of the association will be allowed to keep enjoying football free of charge because of their wonderful gesture.


As if this was not enough, they insisted on doing even more (love is never enough in fact!) and they gifted a Christmas cake of five kg for the lunch with the group. They honoured Sai youth with their company and can say, lit up youth day. The participants spent their time in good and sincere company. This is what is important. All shared Love not food.


These moments are for deep reflection, as whilst living them, they help youth understand what kind of problems some families have to face every day in the world, or how some human beings have to fight every time in order to be integrated into society.


It is absolutely necessary to be grateful to the Universe because of the skills which were given to all, and we have to use them to serve people, who are less fortunate. When we have a light bag and we see a brother, who carries heavier bags, let us help him by carrying some on his behalf.


Even a lunch, a piece of cake offered, or a location offered in which to have fun, can enormously help those who are often forgotten in the hurry of the daily life.


Thank you, God, that such people exist! Let us make sure they will increase and they will never become extinct.

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