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Rome, European Youth Meeting

On January 27 and 28, 2018, youth from all around Europe met in Rome, at “Casa del Divino” (House of Divine) for the third European Youth Meeting. The Sai youth from Rome were delighted by the precious presence of youth from Italy, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Poland and Spain. It was a really intense meeting, because they spent as much time as possible with their brothers.

For the first time since the European meetings started, the Sai youth from Rome had the possibility to offer hospitality in their homes and to share completely, their daily life with the visiting youth. They talked about themselves and their lives, went to the ashram together and had breakfast, lunch and such together.

This Youth Meeting programme brought to them a lot of starting points for improvement; both for the selfless service already operating on their continent and also inspiring new activities. They listened to young speakers who presented various activities, like “Growing to Be God”, “Esaudire” meaning Grant (fulfilment or a wish), Veda and Sri Rudram chanting. There were opportunities to ask questions after each activity. They repeated the nine daily Sadhanas that they “should and must” follow to realise their divine nature.

The first day, after bhajans, introduction, theory and workshop, they attended a musical moment by Francesco Paniccia. Then, relaxed thanks to his music, they prepared food for homeless people. Once it was ready, they distributed it in the centre of Rome, in an amazing place with Ancient Rome in the background. After that, they had dinner at the ashram, with food that had been prepared for them with love (they could feel the vibrations of love). In the evening, in the hosting houses, they continued Satsang and enjoyed each other’s presence.

On the second day, they worked together again and shared ideas to improve their service to others.
They had lunch all together and, in the afternoon, their brothers and sisters went back to their respective countries. They had the honour to also be drivers in the transportation from and to airports and train stations. Having the occasion to serve the youth that were and will be main characters in the global spiritual improvement, is not something that happens every day. So, the Sai youth from Rome thank all the other youth for the opportunity to serve, the opportunity to host them in their city (Rome), for the visiting youth’s contribution and for the experiences they shared.

They are all looking forward to the next meeting to be together again. They may live in different places, but they are more connected than they believe. It is in these meetings that they gain awareness of their unity.

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