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Growing to be God in Geo-Awareness

During the month of May 2018, volunteers organized the second meeting with the children of "Growing to be God", in collaboration with the environmental Seva "Geo-awareness". So the activities of the day were decided and combined. The decision to organize the Seva "Geo-awareness" within another Seva, such as "Growing to be God", was an idea born to develop an environmental consciousness with a different approach to the surrounding world, in a dynamic and joyful way. It was an enrichment for all the participants and a service within a service, for the volunteers.


The activity of the day was a "childish" game, but with a multi-level meaning that involved the participants of different ages. The organized game was a reinterpreted version of "treasure hunt", adapted to stimulate the unity and collaboration of the participants. This "Treasure Hunt of Nature" was a search in a garden full of natural treasures (fallen leaves, petals, stones and the like), which aroused the most beautiful emotions and memories in the participants who were divided into groups of about four people, consisting of two to three children and two teachers. Each group had time to explore the garden with respect towards the environment and collect treasures without tearing or grasping the plants.


The collected materials were then used by various groups to create collages which expressed the experience of each participant but in communion with the others. The values ​​experienced in this way were love and respect for nature, unity and collaboration with the environment and with everyone. This activity provided “the enrichment of the soul by experiencing love in contact with nature, nurturing the inner world with direct experience.”

"Geo-awareness" is a Seva of sensitization and promotion of a different approach to nature and the absence of mental and social superstructures in children helped the volunteers. They felt that collaborating with children gave a greater boost to adult volunteers in looking at the surrounding world with different eyes.

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