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Associations for Social Promotion

Associations for Social Promotion was created at the end of 2017 by a group of friends connected by shared values, with the intention of promoting service for people in social and economic trouble and for homeless people. The feature that distinguishes them from other associations and institutions is the aptitude, the way they offer a certain service. They try to have a different point of view and a new approach to the person who receives them, to whom they offer the service and whom they listen to, to fulfill (esaudire) needs and dreams. One of their main points is making the person the center of their service, their first and only focus, in unison with a process of re-discovering the true Self.


As of now, they have already many services that they offer, which are recognized and appreciated in the territory they work in. Each service is based on principles of human values, expressed in their bylaws and to which they are committed. They have many volunteers: young by age and young by spirit, professionals or not, all bond by the aforementioned values.


The services they offer, to whom everybody is welcome to participate are:


- "Accompagnarsi": the volunteers are committed to take homeless people, hosted in sheltering homes with which Esaudire collaborates, to medical examinations or bureaucratic appointments. Esaudire believes that going along with a homeless person to renew the ID card or to do a medical check- up or pick up any document, is a good way to build up a healthy and sincere relationship. For a person who has lost everything, from relationships to their home, it can be difficult to deal with the bureaucratic path that is challenging and not so clear.  In this path the volunteer’s presence is not only a way to reach the goal safely, but it is also a way to spend time together and create a nice relationship. For this reason the name of this service is Accompagnarsi (go with) because is not only the volunteer going with a person in distress, but is also the opposite, the volunteer entering a world that needs to be rebuilt and this can be done just in this way: together.


BIP Nonmaterial primary goods: BIP is a project to support the structures which give hospitality and aims to satisfy the needs necessary for the self-determination of a person; as the need to experience art, beauty and dreams. The volunteers organized music concerts with the help of different artists who offered their time and art to all the participants. They helped in the preparation and serving of the buffet at the end of the concerts. During the yearly conclusive day, they had art exhibits, shows, films and a shared dinner with all the people who took part at the event and the people living in the nearby area. Everything happened in a healthy and positive way. 


Osteopathy And Coaching: The aim of this Seva is helping homeless people in three different ways which are fundamental in rebuilding their personal lives and to imagine a different future:

  • physical body;

  • the meaning of their present situation;

  • the goal on which it is necessary to focus their energies and resources.

The volunteers believe in an integrated approach centred on each person in order to intervene both on painful symptoms (by an osteopathic treatment) and on development of human potential (by a life-coaching session). Difficulties at the physical level often express silent needs, desires and talents hidden for too long. When there is a chance to listen to themselves and to others, they can tell their story from a completely different point of view, with a proactive approach. For this reason the volunteers propose a multi-level action to remove physical limits for people and at the same time they activate and support creative paths for self-realization. 

Osteopaths work on the re-activation of movements in all parts of the body to free energies trapped at a physical and emotional level. In this way these resources are first spent in self-healing processes and then in the development of human potential aligned with personal desires and inner nature.

Life-Coaching is a method for human improvement, a journey of growth and change to train creativity, latent qualities, skills and strengths in human beings. Humanistic Life-Coaching has a new vision of “talent” that it is considered as the result of training for excellence in harmony with the person, supporting individual and community happiness (not always granted by nature, but developed by exercise for sure).           

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