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Man and Environment - A New View, Thanks to Art

On November 4, 2018, the youth from Italy met for a trip with members and friends of the association “Alchimia”, founded by people with minor mental disabilities and by their families. A visit to the Roman Historical Complex called “Terme di Caracalla” in Rome was organised where Italian sculptor, Mauro Staccioli’s exhibition was set. The youth and their friends could directly experience the vision of the artist about “man and environment” in this fabulous frame. The topic was deepened, reminding them of some talks that developed during previous activities.


At the beginning of the visit, the volunteers prepared a moment of sharing. The activities of the day were explained along with the socio-environmental aspects of the meeting. Briefly, the biography of the author was conveyed in order to contextualise his works at best. It was said that the human perception of the surrounding world and its relationship with nature decides human behavior, but also the way this relationship changes over time due to an active dialogue.

It was explained how this “dialogue” allows human beings to adapt to the environment and how environment gives strength and inspiration for personal/social change. Each place is composed of every event that happened there in time; but it can also create its own story, affecting human choice with its soul. The artist thought a sculpture was realised for a specific place, where it belongs, because it is an expression of that place. So each site is represented in plastic, geometrical forms revealing their inner truth to all. The last part of this introduction was dedicated to sustainable materials used in art and to weathering processes (for example acid rain) of works exposed to the elements.


In spite of bad weather, they succeeded in understanding the main message proposed by the sculptor: the soul of a place can comprehend an important social idea and stimulate feelings shared by many people. His works made them understand that an antique and a typical Roman Historic place such as Terme di Caracalla can be integrated in a modern art exhibition because of its history and still present meaningful life. All participants of the trip were deeply touched by this experience, even facing the problems due to bad weather. Many of them understood the spirit of the author so deeply as to propose another visit to the exhibition in order to savor it, once again! This will not be possible in the near future, but for sure, all suggestions and thoughts of participants will be collected during the next meeting to continue the Geo-awareness project in the best way.

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