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Distribution of Food to Poor People and

The Inauguration of "Grace Kitchen"

In 2012, a Seva of distribution of food to the needy began in the center of Rome. The Seva is scheduled every Wednesday evening and during the years, many different groups of volunteers have participated so far. Actually the Roman group of “Casa del Divino” (Divine House) is involved in this activity about three times per month and it prepares and distributes food with love and dedication for the brothers that live on the streets.

In the beginning only a few poor brothers came, but then, little by little, their numbers grew from 20 to 30, then to 40 and so on. Today there are 70 to 90 poor persons, depending on periods and seasons. All the volunteers, individually, bought and prepared pasta, sandwiches, snacks, fruits and drinks alone, in their own homes. Before dinner time they met on the road, often there was bad weather especially in winter, to divide things into packages for a complete meal ready for distribution.

Since December 2017, the number of volunteers has been growing exponentially. The unexpected arrival of all these beautiful souls gave the volunteers a sign that something else might be appearing in the near future. Something that may involve them more, by asking their presence and their dedication for sure.

After a few months this sense became true, when a saintly woman named Cecilia decided to offer the volunteers an empty apartment she owned near the place where they distributed food. In this way, she allowed them to organise a kitchen in the apartment. Baba immediately blessed this opportunity to transform the apartment to a kitchen, in order to come together and serve. He said: ”Yes, good idea”, giving it the name of “GRACE KITCHEN”. In a short time, all together they organised the place to do their work. The apartment was renovated to be a big kitchen with different spacious rooms dedicated to preparing food, with a gas machine connected to a big oven, and to prepare packages, with all the necessary furniture in order to store and to work well. But this time, all together!

On December 16, 2018 the inauguration of ‘Grace Kitchen’ occurred with a Pooja for Swami, with Bhajans and the sharing of a sweet Prasadam. The volunteers are sure this kitchen will help them improve the quality of service offered to their brothers in a needy situation; but first of all, it will help them grow as human beings! Working together, they can learn to share their abilities and to act as a united group of service, ready to answer any call. They are very happy to have received this gift. They feel responsible for it and considering the love infused by the Universe in this present, they will all do their best to share this immense love with everybody!

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