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Day Three - Hands In Society

The final morning commenced with Yoga led by Evangelia Patrineli (Lila) from Greece followed by a light watermelon snack before Bhajans and songs. This informal session was led by Jai Mexis and Victory Craxi who sought feedback from the youth on their experiences.


Feedback from Italy, Greece, Turkey and the UK:

The youth commented on the example of St. Francis in connecting to God in everything; in nature and animals and how the youth too can do the same. They also remarked on how a young St. Francis and St. Clare were able to do so much before leaving their bodies, and they provided an example of selfless service and obedience to God. The youth who were new to this movement also shared their experiences: they reflected on their journeys, moments of clarity and doubt and love for their new brothers, sisters and God. Brothers Jai and Victory remarked on their own learning, on listening to the voice of God and welcomed the new youth to engage in service with them.


The youth collectively thanked Mr Ampellio and the Italian Service Team who made their experience so smooth and happy and were examples of selfless service. On this note, they enjoyed lunch before going up to Swami’s room for blessings and Prasadam. The youth took time to record their messages of love in Swami’s guestbook. With hearts and stomachs full, they offered Arati to Swami; returning first to Rome and quickly on to their respective countries in time for the work-week; to share the teachings of St. Francis and St. Clare by rendering service in the world they are so blessed to share!

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