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Grace Kitchen in Rome


Last April, the Grace Kitchen became famous all around the world when it was visited and blessed by the Divine. The youth could not waste this great opportunity, so the Seva coordinator asked Baba for permission to start with the distribution of breakfast, in addition to the dinner distribution on Wednesday evenings. The youth cook and offer food to 70/90 homeless brothers for dinner; but during mornings in Rome, the food distribution for the poor is lacking. Baba answered with His usual love and humor: “Is it not too early in the morning?” The coordinator lovingly replied, “Of course, but the need of it is strong because there are few organizations that are working in the area and it is important to make needy people start their day with something hot, offered with love“. Baba said, lovely as always, making everyone present laugh: “As long as there are no problems for you, there are no problems for me, too”! This is a good summary of their sweet dialogue!

The youth did several inspections of the city to understand which area is more in need and is more accessible. They met a wonderful person, who has been living for eight months on the street in Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican. He guided them on everything by telling them what happens in that neighborhood. It seemed an attractive opportunity to the youth and they decided to start on Saturday mornings. They organised with this person, who called all the people sleeping in the streets in that neighborhood, advertising their breakfast distribution. They began on May 25, 2019 and every Saturday since, they have cooked and distributed breakfast to about 35 brothers; for sure others will arrive, thanks to word of mouth! The youth formed groups of a minimum of four volunteers to prepare food in their Grace Kitchen in order to distribute it all together.


The breakfast that the youth prepare usually includes: coffee and milk, tea (both kept hot and distributed by two nine-litre thermos with taps), vegan croissants, yogurt and fresh fruits. The voluteers bought a light, folding table to help serve everything to their brothers. The first time, the youth were excited because they were used to the routine of dinners on Wednesdays, which are organised in another neighborhood in Rome. But everything went fine. Then, the successive times it went even better. The main thing is “taking the first step”, then the Divine Providence and His Grace comes in successive waves that are so strong that they are uncontainable!


The youth thank Swami for all these wonderful possibilities of service that He gives them. They are very happy and they feel loved - a love they are trying to share with as many hearts as possible!

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