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The theme given by Swami in Kodaikanal in May 2017 for the Italian radio programme is “Ispirazione” (Inspiration).  The idea is that the radio should be run entirely by youth. Youth who inspire other youth and non youth on the eternal values of life. 

The programmes are organised in this way: Interview professionals and non professionals (doctors,  lawyers,  house wives,  employers, teenagers and students). The aim is to realise how everyone is searching for happiness and everyone has the eternal values inside them as well as the same dream for a better and happy world. 

Then a biography of a historical or contemporary person who can inspire the listeners. At the end of this biography the listener will reflect and think: "He was able to do all this regardless of all the difficulties.... so I can as well, if I really want and make some  sacrifice”. 

The programme ends with a guided meditation... “change yourself to change the world”.  In all this, beautiful and original music is included.

The programme was launched by Swami during Guru Pournima on the July 9, 2017  together with the radio programmes by the brothers and sisters of Singapore,  Greece,  Malasya and the programme Gita Yajnas, Growing to be God (teenagers programme).

So far the youth are excited to run the radio regardless of the difficulties, because not all of them  have experience in this field. Through a little effort and brilliant team work, they have been able to broadcast the programme weekly.

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