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Service in Italy

Programme ‘Ispirazione’ (Inspiration), is hosted in the Italian language on the web radio ‘Sanathana Vani’ - the Voice Eternal - ( In this programme, book reviews; contemporary youth and their problems; spiritual personalities and human values are discussed. Interviews with people who have dedicated their lives for selfless service are also aired. 


• Every Monday, weekly online webinar study group on ‘Guru Vikas’ or teachers training is undertaken with 65 participants.


• Twice a week, a project on music therapy ‘Semi di Grazia Musicale’ - Seeds of Musical Grace (SMG) aims at supporting people with disabilities.

Once a month, the European Sai Youth Orchestra made up of 25 musicians under age 45, perform in a different city of Italy and Europe.


• A value based education for the development of children called ‘Growing to be God’ is a project operating in the cities of Rome, Turin, Urbino, Pescara, Imperia, Milan and Catania. Moral lessons based on storytelling, play and arts, drawing, theatre and so on, for the right mental, intellectual and civic development of children are conducted once or twice a month. 


• Visits/trips are coordinated with ‘Alchimia Association’, in which the volunteers organise cultural and recreational activities for disabled children. These children are taken on fun trips to museums, parks, picnic and theatre! 


• Mano Sapiens Group of visually impaired artists take responsibility for training the teaching staff from schools of all levels on how to integrate visually impaired children in a class.


• Monthly Satsangs are held in Turin and Rome.


• Every month, volunteers in Turin help serve 130 meals in a canteen for the poor. They help in the kitchen and serve the homeless.


• Every Wednesday in Siena, starting October 2018, the youth help in serving the homeless 100 breakfasts and 600 lunches per month. This is organised by the 'Vincenziani Religious Order'. They also provide for 100 showers and change of clothes per month.


• Association of Social Promotion ‘Esaudire’: Osteopathic treatments and coaching (motivational support) are provided to the homeless and destitute, completely Free of Cost!

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