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Do not Search the Ideal Person but

Search Ideals in People that you Meet

The following are the activities where the youth have been involved for the past nine months in various cities within Italy, such as Piedmont/Lombardy, Ayurville, Padua, Ashram Casa del Divino in Assisi, Rome, Association of Social Advancement ‘Esaudire’, Catania and Sicily:



  • Seva: in a canteen for poor people in Piedmont/Lombardy.

  • Food Collection: food collection and distribution to 85 families in severe economic difficulty near and in Milan.

  • Canteen for the poor in Monza

  • Support for Homeless People in Milan: distribution of blankets, clothes and hot meals during the winter. Cold meals, fruits and drinks during the summer.

  • Support for Kennels: in Terracina and Campobasso by collecting food for dogs and cats.

  • Seva for Homeless People: evening meal distribution to 80/120 homeless people who get together near Venezia Square. The volunteers prepare meals that consist of rice or pasta, and provide bread, fruit, sweets and paper napkins. This Seva is undertaken in association with two other groups to cover every week of the month and takes place on Wednesdays.

  • Collection of School Supplies: and their distribution in Italy and India.

  • Professionals as Volunteers: a group composed of some professionals such as lawyers, psychologists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, dentists and so on, who offer their professional skills to people in economic difficulty.

  • ‘Growing Together’ School Project: help for students who have economic difficulties, by buying books, contributions for school trips, personal computers and such.

  • Delivery of Grocery: to some needy families in Padua.

  • Seva: organisation in Western Canteen in Muddenahalli during festivals.

  • Trip with the Association Alchimia: some volunteers help a disabled group by organising cultural activities such as a visit to museums, park, cinema and theatre.

  • Mano Sapiens Group: Promotional Seva inclusive of hands-on accessibility to artistic culture both creative and cultural; with using clay, for example. Organising tours to museums and monuments.

  • Mano Sapiens Group: Training of teachers of schools in artistic subjects for every grade and type, for people with visual disability such as low vision or blindness.

  • Music therapy ‘Semi di Grazia Musicale’: Volunteer programme to support situations related to disability and more. Active in Italy and UK.

  • Eco-Trekking Group: ‘The steps of Love’: trips in nature and cleaning of human pollution.

  • Yoga and Meditation: Organising Yoga days at the Ashram and in local, regional and national parks and in schools.

  • Experience Course for Volunteers: “How, Where, Why be a volunteer?”

  • 'Tetto ai Desideri':  ‘Ceiling on Desires’ project. 



  • Monthly meetings  Satsangs and Bhajans

  • Teaching Bhajans.


Divine Visit

  • Organisation of  Satsang in the Divine Presence in Italy


Web Radio Sanathana Vani: Radio Programme ‘Ispirazione’

  • Organising programmes for the Sanathana Vani, Italy.

  • Project IRD (Integrated Rural Development) with the team Sanathana Vani, Web Radio India. This is an integrated rural development project that takes place in Chikballapur, Karnataka District in Southern India.              



  • Transcription and translation of the booklet  'Divine Visit to Italy'

  • Translation and sharing of the monthly newsletter 'Heart Beat' from Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals in Raipur and Delhi.

  • Translation and sharing of the magazine ‘Ananda Vahini’ which recaps Divine trips.

  • Translation of OWOS newsletters.

  • Headquarters of Sai Prema Publications deal with publishing and sharing of ‘Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha’ volumes and ‘The Story Divine’ in Italian.


Growing to be GOD project

  • 'Growing to be God’ Project - Education based on Values for child development.

  • 'Guru Vikas' Project - training for teachers.


Ashram Casa del Divino in Assisi


Near Ashram Casa del Divino during the European Youth meet


Near Ashram Casa del Divino during European youth meet

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