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Personal Transformation Experience

Nothing gets created, nothing is destroyed, but everything changes.

Nothing gets created, nothing is destroyed, but everything changes.

Like Swami has always reminded us, we are Essence, Conscience and Bliss; the only difference between us and Him is that He knows it while we have forgotten and we identify in so many countless incarnations with the whole body-mind.


Since my very first journey to India, where I met the Master, the statement:” I am God and you also are God” was for me the best gift that He could have ever given me, because no one during my previous spiritual experience, in the Catholic religion, has ever told me who I really was, and what I ought to do to realise my higher Self.


Since that first journey of mine of 16 years ago through to today, the passage into my personal conversion, undertaken under the Master’s guidelines, has been and still is, the most beautiful and the most important experience of my life. But, it has also been the most challenging one, because it does imply a constant presence to be able to remove, layer after layer, all the characteristics that are not godlike, to be able to become like Him.


What personally helps me in my routine to maintain this centre line and not to get lost through the Maya of this society, is the recollection of His words: “dedicate everything to Me, because I am always there next to you”. So also, the job becomes easier, and when I am at my restaurant cooking, I often question and ask Him whether the salt I put on the food is or not enough.


Also, the suggestion to do an unselfish act a day is a method that has helped me to keep my mind under control, because, like Swami told me: “the mind is like a pizza, you cannot eat the whole thing at once, you must cut it in slices, so you can chew it and digest it better, and, the service to others really helps you in achieving that”. Performing unselfish acts allow us to connect with the real essence that is pure and unconditional love and to eliminate nourishment to our ego that slowly crumbles.


So, under His guide and His supervision, we can little by little become what we really are. Each time I find myself in difficult situations which seem to be very challenging, I keep repeating like a mantra the sentence that Swami has on one occasion told me in Muddenahalli: "Each time you find yourself needing to deal with a difficulty, remember that it is only a test and thank God to be able to grow and pass to the next stage and think that Swami has faith in you and only wants your happiness”. And so, I keep remembering not to ever give up because like Swami told me in one of his discussions held at this year’s Youth Meet, we are destined to the accomplishment, it is in our birth right, we should ask that of ourselves!!

Manuela Osta Gobbo

Region 3 Italy

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