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Personal Transformation Experience

A Seva Youth Experience

The person that inspired me to do Seva, was my mother. During my childhood years I indirectly started to understand this deep life experience, listening to her discourses with friends.

So, the real incentive to practise Seva was the example of my mother and her behaviour: compassion and kindness weren’t only expressed through words, but they were always put into action. This wisdom she applied in daily life made me understand our beloved Swami’s teachings better. Otherwise they would have been incomprehensible for a child.


Seva is a path of personal growth and improvement, built on selfless actions. The absence of having any expectations allows one to live the experience in the present fully and this becomes the key of the self-transformation.


Seva opens new horizons eliminating the differences between ‘volunteers’ and ‘assisted people’. This Sadhana reverses the roles in order to bring awareness in people. It makes them understand that they are receiving an opportunity rather than giving one. This change in perspective breaks down all barriers and it creates a deep sense of sharing, completeness and unity.


Simply, Seva is love in action.


Personally, I practise Seva both alone and in groups, because I believe it is an exceptional means of self-transformation. Regardless of what kind of Seva in which you may be involved, this experience changes you inside and it makes you better. In this way it is possible to experience a fullness with every person in our lives.

Alessandra Briganti

Region 3 Italy

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