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Personal Transformation Experience

Seva in Communication

During the first World Youth Meeting in Muddenahalli, our beloved Swami gave the opportunity to many young people to meet each other and to start a spiritual friendship, which will be able to help them in their own spiritual journey and to develop Seva projects all together.


Even the members of our little team, composed by three girls, who work to translate the contents of OWOS platform in Italy, met in that occasion. This first meeting created the foundations for what we are doing now. Thanks to the time spent all together at Divine Lotus Feet, we developed unity and harmony between us, which now allows us to work as one in the service of God, even though we live in three different cities and we can hardly meet each other.

When we were told to write an article about the Seva in which we are involved, we had no doubts. We chose to do this thing in the same way we do everything in this team: sharing in unity and harmony! Here below you will read our three experiences during this period, which are connected one to the other like our lives are. 


“I always asked our beloved Master to give me the opportunity to do Seva. One day an email arrived from Sonja. She asked for help translating articles written by youth that talk about their Seva experiences and inner change. I decided to say yes to this call, to this opportunity to do Seva despite my little free time. When I started it was hard because for several years I hadn’t translated articles. After some tries, I even decided to stop my service because I didn't feel good enough. I didn't want to do some approximate or wrong translation. I wanted the work

that I was doing for Him to be as correct as possible. Thanks to Alessandra's help I decided to continue to do my service. During this year this activity taught me a lot.I learned to be more confident in myself, to not give up at the first hurdle and to work as a team. I'm grateful to Eleonora and Alessandra who always supported me, they are so willing. But the most important thing for me was using this time for translating as a moment to be in His presence and learn from the experience of other youth. It's a special time for the soul that is happy, as to be with Swami is always pure joy.”


 “I was offered to be part of the monthly newsletter translation team and I immediately accepted, thinking it could be a good way to be helpful and do Seva. Of all the youth who have been asked to participate, only the three of us accepted, Silvia, Alessandra and me, and this is how our Seva together started. Every month we receive some articles that we have to translate to Italian (sometimes also from Italian to English), written by young devotees who write about their own experiences of Seva activities that they do in their countries.

I am not able to do as much Seva that brings me closer to those who are in need as I would like (although it is something I would like to start doing again as soon as I can), so I really like the translation Seva I am doing because I feel helpful and also because I can read all the Seva stories of other youth and get inspired. I love reading those stories of transformation and of service that start from a single person and then expand…stories of Love and devotion. The translation work that I’ve been doing helped me to understand how important Seva is for others and ourselves.” 


“At the beginning, when the possibility was given to Italian youth to help developing and sharing contents of the One World One Sai (OWOS) platform with many different Seva activities, I tried to understand how I could really be useful somehow. Then, following Silvia and Eleonora’s example, I took part in the translation Seva.  It is a wonderful adventure, which, step by step, led us to build a Seva team based on cooperation. During service each one of us supports the others with love in every possible way. Translating helped me to understand better what it means “to be an instrument in the hands of God”.

The person, who translates, has to step back from herself to communicate, not her own thoughts to the reader, but the message written by others, with its contents and its meaning respected.  I am grateful to Baba for His teaching during this experience and for the good company, which He gave me, during this voyage.” 

With Love by Italian Translation team.

Silvia Ali Hassan

Eleonora Brussato

Alessandra Briganti

Region 3


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