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Delivering Love and Happiness to Children at

an Orphanage in Thailand

Another youth group conducted Christmas cards project. An artist and a poet put together special cards, what they called “Zencho (foresight) cards with messages and art work and the youth delivered them to the orphanage in Baan Unrak, Thailand. This project was initiated by the Asia Pacific youth conference held in Malaysia last year. These Japanese youth focused on creating special messages based on pure love which is intended to bring back light and dignity to each soul. They prayed that these cards deliver deep, pure love to the heart of children!


This project was established in quite a unique manner by these youth.They wanted to bring in anybody throughout Japan who was interested in participating in this sacred task of delivering sacred messages to children in an orphanage; and they asked for their participation through their website for 15 days, between November 23 and December 7, 2018. Surprisingly, 190 people applied for participation and sent their own messages to children at the orphanage in Thailand. They also made use of crowd funding to support the cost of making and delivering the cards to the orphanage in Thailand. Some portions of the funds were sent to the orphanage as a donation!

The team consisted of translators, an editor who is a professor at a university, a bookbinding person,an artist and poet “Earth Gypsy”, a professional photographer and several youth volunteers. They are long-time friends with each other, and have been doing a lot of good work together. These cards were created by such a wonderful team filled with good intentions.


Good intentions spread miraculously through three youth who happened to know this project by chance and volunteered to deliver these cards to the orphanage in person! Amazingly, the good intentions spread further, a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that is an expert in Christmas costumes volunteered to rent a Santa Claus costume!!


Many people with unique skills gathered and offered their love in their own manner, and this project became a unique activity!


It was a difficult journey to get to the orphanage in Thailand. Even the local people did not know well how to reach the facility! However some youth volunteers helped to find the way and successfully reached the orphanage. People in the orphanage welcomed them with open hearts and accepted them kindly.

One youth put on the Santa Claus costume and delivered the cards to the children by calling their name one by one. The children were so happy being called by their own name and given a special gift prepared by Japanese youth. They praised, cheered and enjoyed this special time. They all loved it!


These cards had been created with the purpose of delivering Divine Love to the heart of each child. Each card was selected for each person’s name, and the youth prayed that the card contained what the children needed to hear at that point in time. They hoped for the Divine Touch for each one of them!

There were several small letters contained in the envelope with the messages from the Japanese donors. Some of them contained their addresses. If the children wanted to reply, they could send their messages back to the Japanese donors who would be very happy to read them. That also becomes a good opportunity to let them know more about this orphanage in Baan Unrak.


The youth expressed gratitude to the orphanage for giving such a wonderful opportunity. And they expressed much gratitude to Swami who initiated this in the youth conference in Malaysia.


The youth project manager felt that this project was filled with not only everyone’s caring thought, but also a unique story of each person who participated, and the beginning of some interesting start of a new story. They prayed from the bottom of their hearts that they can continue such sacred work to everyone in the world that needs such messages of love and peace through the cards. They felt that this prayer itself was the greatest gift given to them. May there be love to everyone in the world!


The project team


Messages to children and financial support: 190 youth with good intentions

Messages: Naho

Art work: Maho

Card translation: Mitsuyo, Jeff

Card design: Minoru

Costume lease: Charity Santa NPO foundation

Message writer: Hikaru, Yuki

Delivery to Orphanage: Keisuke, Aimi

Local guide: Yuu

Photography: Makoto

Translation support: Toshi

Special Thanks to: Isha, Usha, Lia

Destination of gift and support: Baan Unrak Children’s House

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