Selfless Service in Japan

Narayana Seva by a small group on a weekly basis:

A small group of youth and devotees are continuing Narayana Seva on a weekly basis by actively feeding approximately 60 homeless people in Yokohama. All members cook 20-30 meals individually from their homes, such as rice balls and fried vegetables and bring them together, instead of gathering and cooking together as they used to, before the pandemic.

Narayana Seva on an individual basis:

In Tokyo and other urban areas several feeding programmes by other organisations are not continuing due to the pandemic. Hence, some of the youths are continuing on an individual basis, feeding 40-60 people at a time, with support of food supplies such as rice and vegetables from other youth members who live in other parts of Japan where there are no homeless people.

Greeting Card to a Home for the Aged

Youths from various part of Japan including devotees came together and sent seasonal greeting cards to over 60 elderly people in a Home for the Aged in Tokyo, as they cannot be visited physically.