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Seva in Kazakhstan

A group of volunteers in Almaty is engaged in helping single mothers with two to eight children, once a month. The volunteer group has grown from eight to ten people!


Prior to this, the group was helping four single mothers with two to four children. One of them is a young lady from an orphanage who is raising two children on her own.


For over two and a half years, the group has been helping two widows with two children and one single lady with three children. From March 2019, they started to help two more families in need. One of them is raising three children on her own. Her husband left her with small children, one of whom is just one month old. Another woman is raising eight children. The group helps them with food, clothes, products for infants, medicine, stationery products and other necessities.

On the March 24, 2019 during Nauryz, a Kazakh National Holiday, the group organised Grama Seva, where they helped families in need, in a poor district near Almaty city. Seven families were provided with food. Before going to the district, the group chanted the food prayer. In addition, on the way to the district, they chanted “Shivoham”.

During Grama Seva, the group felt Swami’s energy and that He was guiding them. One of the group members smelt vibhuti. The atmosphere and feelings were similar to the Grama Seva organised during the World Youth Conference, 2018 where they participated. The smiles and emotions of the people touched their hearts. They are aiming to help more families in need and involve more volunteers in the next four months.

The volunteer group’s Seva activities have transformed all of them. They observe positive changes in themselves. They have opened their hearts and become more compassionate, kind, caring and selfless. Moreover, they feel unity amongst them and the families whom they help. They have become very close to the families and helping them gives the group a positive energy and the feeling of happiness. It is so lovely that some of the families they helped offered home-made bread to them!

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