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Seva in Kazakhstan

For the past two months, the group of volunteers in Almaty has been involved in Seva activities, by helping single-parent families with more than two children. All of them were provided with food, baby products and other necessities.


Every time they visit their Sai families, the volunteers are filled with the pure Love that flows from the families’ hearts, making the volunteers more compassionate! The families are always eagerly waiting to share their adoration and smile, which gives the volunteers courage to move ahead.  


Every time they receive food, the families are grateful to God, saying that they are so joyful that He did not forget them.


Being part of a group of volunteers means taking part in activities which do not leave anyone indifferent to those in need. One of the volunteers joined the group in April, and she has already taken part in service activities. She has noticed that by doing such good actions, she feels Joy while being with people and helping them. As her transformation process has already started, she can confidently say that, with the help of beloved Bhagawān, she will be able to become a pure instrument of His, in the near future!


Another experience that can be shared is that of a young woman from the orphanage. Being a single mother of two children, she once said that she was very pleased to see the volunteers, as she felt that the volunteers’ mothers are the grandmothers of her kids! Such words touched the hearts of the volunteers and made them feel Swami’s presence and reminded them of His words of being One!


The volunteers are very delighted to do Seva, and are looking forward to meeting their Sai families again and again to share their Love and Joy with them. They are indeed blessed by their sweet Swami who always guides them in doing service and supports them in the given activities, leading them to self-transformation and self-realisation!

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