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Seva in Kazakhstan

Before presenting this report, the youth would like to thank their Beloved, Merciful and Graceful Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving them an opportunity to be a tiny part of HIS GREAT MISSION.

While being Bal Vikas students, the volunteers were engaged in various performances held in the youth detention centres, women’s jail and such. The youth shared Love and Hope for a Better Future with the children, adolescents and women who were in the above-mentioned places.

Today, SWAMI wants the youth to continue helping people by sharing food with the needy. Mothers who nurture their children deserve it because their Love for children is equal to DIVINE MOTHER’S LOVE for all humanity.


In July 2019, while taking part in Grama Seva activities, the youth shared food with six new families who live in suburbs of Almaty. A good instance is a family, whose story touched their hearts. The only bread winner of the family is a mother of four children, as the father has an illness that does not allow him to work. They rent a small house and buy medicines, which cover most of their earnings. Therefore, the food provided is like water for lost ones in the desert.


In getting the youth involved in Seva, their DIVINE MASTER has opened their eyes to the hardships of HIS children. The piece of help given as food makes them understand the caring support of their BELOVED MOTHER.

Keeping in mind BABA’S WORDS: “Why FEAR when I am HERE”, the youth are becoming more courageous, selfless and generous. Everything is done by HIS DIVINE WILL. That is why they are always ready to serve HIM. They also comprehend that it is their input on the Welfare of Kazakhstani society, because these children will follow the positive example! 

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