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Seva in Kazakhstan

The participation in the inspiring 2019 World Youth Meet left the youth with so much love and joy that they wanted to share it with their fellow brothers and sisters in Kazakhstan. The transformational talks of speakers and youth put a great impact on their Seva group. The Seva activities which are accomplished by their sisters and brothers from around the world inspired them to do more Seva! They learned that even one person can do so much! After a wonderful trip to Muddenahalli, the youth were inspired and waited for the meeting with their supporting families, who have become like their family. Their Seva activities unite all of them and they observe transformation within themselves. They have become more compassionate and selfless. Seeing the smiles on the faces of families that the youth serve, makes them happy and inspires them to engage in more Seva activities! 


Full of energy and feeling inspired after the World Youth Meet, the group of volunteers in Almaty waited to meet the families whom they support; to share the love and peace that Swami filled them with! Surprisingly, the families were waiting for the youth too! Once a month, the group of volunteers in Almaty engages in helping single mothers with two to four children. Basic necessities such as food and hygiene products are distributed.


As usual the meeting with the families was full of love and joy. It had been a long time since the group saw little Amina, a daughter of one of the ladies. She had been to the village to see her grandmother for three months. The volunteers jokingly asked her: “Have you forgotten us?” She replied: “No way!”


Additionally, as Swami commanded, the group started feeding one person a day. One of the families met a man near their house who was very hungry. They fed him at a nearby cafe, after which they accompanied him to the place where he stayed. It turned out that he stays in a small corner of a corridor in a hostel. The group of volunteers bring him hot meals every day.

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