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Seva in Kazakhstan

The youth in Kazakhstan are engaged in assisting single-parent families; primarily single mothers and widowed mothers who are raising many children. There is also one two-parent family who have four children, living in very poor conditions. Basic necessities such as food and hygiene products are distributed every month.


Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19 and lockdown in the city, the volunteers have not visited the supported families for a month.


In May, a meeting was finally organised and everyone was very happy to see the others. It was an emotional meeting full of love and joy; like one big family! The family with four children shared wonderful news – they got a house with government support, after writing a letter to Swami. It was a real blessing for their family. It was a second miracle that Swami poured to a family being helped by the Seva group. The first miracle happened to a single mother with three children, she also got a new place to stay and started to have more faith and confidence in her life!


Transformation through Seva


Our Seva activities have transformed all of us. Each one of us observes positive changes among ourselves. We became more compassionate, caring and selfless. Moreover, we feel unity amongst us and the families whom we support.  Helping them gives us positive energy and a feeling of happiness.

I personally feel that Seva helps me to be closer to God and let go of the world's distractions. Listening to the stories of how the families’ lives are changing with the blessings of Swami and Seva activities, makes us happy and inspires us more.

I started to realise what bright and peaceful people are those whom we think we are helping! Maybe they are helping us more! They help us become brighter, happier and closer to God. Every time we await the smiles, sincere joy and pure Love from meeting the families whom we support!

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