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With a vision to embrace and support single mothers, youth in Kazakhstan are engaged every month to provide assistance to single parent families, focusing on widowed mothers. Basic necessities such as food and hygiene products are distributed.


During Kazakh New Year, ‘Nauryz’ the young volunteers visited the families, with goodies, which are supported by them. Nauryz symbolises goodness and wealth, happiness and love. Meeting the young mothers filled everyone with tender emotions of love and joy. The beneficiaries shared their experiences with the volunteers. One of the ladies shared how she was saved by a miracle after a recent surgery, and submitted that she always had faith in the inscrutable ways of the Almighty. Though she had given up all hopes to survive, and had also given her parting word to her elder daughter to take care of other children, she shared that there was an unknown force which came to her rescue, by sending the timely required support from all quarters. The surgery was successful, and she finally returned to her children, ready to serve others for the rest of her life. She extended her gratitude to the Sai youth for all their love and support, and submitted that this was also the God’s unseen hands at her rescue. 


After such heartwarming conversations with beneficiaries, food packets and goodie bags were distributed. With their hearts full and a prayer to their Lord Sai, all the volunteers bowed their heads in gratitude for this unique seva opportunity.


Meals and Grocery Distribution


Every Sunday, the volunteers distributed meals in the city of Almaty. The meal packs consist of sandwiches, tea, chocolate, cookies and fruits.


After the Sunday prayers at the nearby places of worship, the group of needy wait and

greet the Sai youth with words, “You are our saviors!" Serving humanity is indeed a life fulfilling journey!

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