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Food Distribution

Every Sunday the Sai youth distribute meals in Almaty city. This month close to 160 meals which included sandwiches, sweets, cookies and tea were distributed to the needy individuals.

Most of the beneficiaries wait eagerly for the volunteers to come. Few of them shared their feelings with to the volunteers. One of the women said, “I always wait for you, I miss you, it is you who lift my mood up. I firmly know and believe that Allah is with you and through you, with us!”


Supporting Single Mothers and Children

Every month, the Sai youth in Kazakhstan help the single parent families, primarily single mothers and widowed mothers, who raise many children. Basic necessities such as food and hygiene products were distributed to them.

The Sai youth gathered stationery products and distributed in them to underprivileged school children in the month of August.

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