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Food Distribution

Every Sunday, the Sai youth from Kazakhstan would distribute meals on the route from Church to the Mosque in Almaty city. In the month of September, a little more than 150 meals which included sandwiches, sweets, cookies and tea were distributed to 120 needy individuals.

The beneficiaries wait for the volunteers to come on every Sunday, not just because they receive food from them, but also the unconditional love of which they are thirsty of. All the volunteers to wait for every Sunday to rise, when they can meet and spend time with the beneficiaries.


Supporting Single Mothers and Children

Every month, the Sai youth engage themselves in the sevā of assisting  the single parent families, primarily focussing on families with single and widowed mothers. Many are raising their  children alone without any support. Basic necessities such as food and hygiene products are distributed to seven such families with a total count of 23 individuals and 345 meals.

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