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Sai youth in Kazakhstan participated in helping and distributing food to the individuals and families in need. Every Sunday, the volunteers distributed meals on the route from Church to the Mosque in Almaty city. In the month of January, around 110 meals including sandwiches, sweets, cookies and tea were distributed to the needy.


As the beneficiaries are mostly the same individuals, they have developed a meaningful and selfless relationship with the volunteers supporting them. Every meeting was filled with happiness and joy. They share their experiences both, good and bad with the volunteers considering them as their family members.


To quote one example, there is one grandmother, who always shower her blessings on Sai Youth with joyful exclamations that they always come exactly when she arrives. Regardless the circumstances which life throws on her, she is happy with it and never complains about it. She loves everyone and blesses everyone as she believes in sharing joy with people. That's her part of service to the humanity! Volunteers derive inspiration from this grandmother's determination to share joy at all times and at all circumstances.

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