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Seva in Kazakhstan

For the last eight months, the youth of Kazakhstan have been actively engaged in Seva activities by the Grace of Swami. The following is a summary of their activities:


  • Supporting poor families: Every month, the youth engaged in assistance to single parent families, primarily single mothers and widowed mothers, who are raising many children. Basic necessities such as food and hygiene products were distributed.

  • Supporting NGO: The youth support NGOs (Non-Government Organisation) who are helping doctors, less fortunate and elderly people with food and other necessities during lockdown.

  • “Growing to be God” lessons with children of supported families included discussions and games on human values.

  • Translation – Uvacha team: The youth took active part in Russian translation team of Uvacha. They worked hard during this period to prepare two books of Uvacha Volumes 6 and 7 for Guru Purnima. Currently they are working on translating Uvacha Volumes 8 and 9 and The Story Divine part 2.

  • Master the Mind series were translated for Russian speaking group on WhatsApp.

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