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Medical Camp In Dengkil, Malaysia

The youth from Malaysia have recently formed a group named “1 Youth for Malaysia” (“1YFM”), whereby anyone interested in doing good work can join the group of youths without any discrimination of race, religion and so on. The sole intention of the “1YFM” is to provide a platform to allow any youth to embark on selfless service, charity or good work for the benefit of the society and the nation.

Just as the New Year had begun, the youths of “1YFM” set off to carry out a medical camp at a Kampung Orang Asli (aborigine or indigenous village) at a place called Dengkil, which is an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Approximately twenty (20) volunteers, inclusive of doctors, nurses and dentists served during the medical camp. Health screenings, vision test, medical check-up and also dental screenings were held for the people in that area. In the camp, proper medical treatment of the people of this village and nearby area was done and remedial measures were provided; all free of cost, including the basic medicines required for an early recovery. This happened with the collaboration of the youths of the village itself!


One hundred and fifty (150) patients came for the medical camp. Registration took place, where patients provided their details as part of data collection, which also enables easy follow up in the future. Blood Pressure (BP) and blood sugar level was tested during the camp. Individual clinics were divided into two: mother and child clinic and general clinic. Each patient was assigned to a respective doctor, where they were appropriately advised on their health. The doctors carefully listened to the problems the patients were facing and provided an appropriate solution to curb it. The doctors were guided to be friendly to patients, which eases communication and patients tend to share more, which aids data collection of each patient.

Patients were also given the medicines needed, free of charge, at the pharmacy counter. Since these patients come from a remote village, many were not aware of their serious medical conditions. Various conditions including malnutrition, diabetes, high or low BP and back pain were identified. Patients were also given referrals to the nearest hospital for further treatment. The doctors also did some home visits where patients were physically unable to attend.

Patients and volunteers were served with tea and some snacks at the end of the session. Everyone left with a happy heart and tummy! The doctors identified that further follow up medical camps are required to curb the medical issues at that village.

“It was a great opportunity to serve,” shared Dr. Luveeniya, a volunteer. It is the willingness and enthusiasm which comes from within that encourages them to work for the betterment of others!

Give your hands to serve and hearts to love!  - Mother Teresa

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