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Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific Medical Outreach Programme (Penang, Malaysia)

With the Divine guidance of our dearest Lord, the youth of Malaysia have been organising weekly Seva activities such as serving packed home cooked lunch to a few identified families who were in need, and dinner for the homeless at Penang Island a state located over three hundred fifty seven kilometres (357k.m.) north of the capital city of Malaysia. The youth of Sai Krupa, after consultation with the head of a primary school, are providing lunch for children in the school who stay back for extra classes from Monday to Thursday.

Following the launch of the Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific Medical Outreach Program during the recent Asia Pacific Youth Meet 2017. The youths of Malaysia have been actively organising free medical camps, with the sole purpose of providing the necessary medical assistance for the people living in rural areas.

Registration started immediately after prayers and a total of a hundred and sixteen (116) people, comprising of children, adults and the aged, benefitted from the programme. All went through a basic health screening which included testing blood glucose levels, blood pressure test, vision testing and BMI calculation.

Selected individuals underwent cholesterol and uric acid testing as well. Children from the age of two years to twelve years were given de-worming medication.

The medical volunteers comprised of general medical officers, a paediatrician and a gynaecologist to enable extensive care, treatment and prescription of medication. Free glasses were given to needy individuals through the advice of the optometrist. Additionally, seven pairs of reading glasses were given to elderly patients while ten pairs of glasses were provided to the younger ones. The glasses were gifted by the optometrist to these patients at no cost.

As transportation was an issue, two cars were assigned to assist patients commuting from the rural areas to and from the medical camp. A hearty breakfast was served to all.

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