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Monthly And Weekly Free Medical Camp at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since August 2017, The Sai Ananda Medicare unit have been organising monthly medical camps and weekly medical clinics to follow up on patients requiring medical attention, identified during the medical camps.

During these medical camps, aside from attending to new medical cases, the Medical team has follow up clinics that focuses on management of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, ischemic heart disease and obesity. High emphasis is given on lifestyle education, motivation and encouragement with love.

Doctors usually spend a minimum of fifteen to thirty minutes on each patient to enquire on their lifestyle and to hear their problems. These patients usually have to come back on regular intervals, as these patients do not have the financial resources to monitor their health. 

Additionally, a woman and children screening clinic is in place, with emphasis on detection of long term illness/complications and congenital birth defects in this special population, especially the children of the single mothers.

The dental clinic currently focuses on detection of dental illness, and promotion of dental hygiene. While, the vision screening counter: is focused on detecting patients with eyesight problems, and providing sponsorship to purchase basic eyewear for the poor and needy.

Treatments are also provided for poor foreign nationals who live under very poor conditions, cannot afford medical treatment and are desperate for help.

On March 04 2018, the youth of Singapore have joined in during the medical camp to assist the Malaysian youths. It is truly a great sight when youth of two countires come together to do good work, especially when its god’s work. 
The medical team also educate patients, especially the poor that “health, is not something the doctor gives you, instead health is something you are responsible to give to yourself”. Equally understanding the background and sufferings in their daily life, the youths motivate them, speaking to them lovingly and listening to their problems. During this process, the youths also build qualities of compassion and empathy. The Medi-care unit aims to expand it’s equipment in the future and be able to provide good quality service to the poor and needy. 

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