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Asia Pacific Youth Meet 2019

Kuching, Malaysia

Evening Programme

The programme started with the youths arriving at Vishwaniketanam Ashram - Universal Home, in the late afternoon. There was a regional exhibition set up for the youths to learn more about the Seva done within Region One. The Exhibition displayed the service activities of each country, namely Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.


Soon after, Swami was giving Darshan to all. The evening’s proceedings began with a flag raising ceremony. Swami raised the Sarva Dharma Flag with the youths of Region One concurrently raising each of their Country’s Flags. It was truly a sight to behold!


Thereafter, the programme at the prayer hall started with the Sister Alpa Lodhiya from Australia, the emcee for the evening, introducing the program for the day.


Three youths (Sister Nikki from Indonesia, Sister Kamachi from Malaysia and Brother Aurobind from Singapore) spoke about their personal transformations after being involved in the Seva activities in their country and shared their experiences with all. It was truly inspiring and heartwarming to listen to the experiences of these young members of the Sai Army, detailing their progress and self-transformation and witnessing the infinite bond of love between them and their Sai!


This was followed by a presentation of a summary of the morning programme by Brother Murali and other youth representatives sharing on the outcome of the Educare, Healthcare and Sociocare breakout discussions. The summary comprised of two main issues / constraints identified within each category and the possible solutions that could be implemented. The Healthcare working group (represented by Brother Sanjay) aimed to carry out Swami’s instructions to start an online Asia Pacific platform for healthcare professionals to easily volunteer called ‘Doctors Connect’. The Sociocare working group (represented by Brother Thusharaam) aimed to work on a volunteer management system that was focused on the professionalism in the standards across the many volunteers in all the countries. The Educare working group (represented by Sister Pavithra) aimed to work on developing lesson plan content and resources that would be harmonized across the region. They also aimed to initiate teachers’ training and parents’ workshops to increase their involvement in the Educare process.


Swami then delivered His Divine Discourse. He told the youths to be united in their common pursuit to share knowledge and experiences with one another and to come together as one Asia Pacific group. Swami gave specific instructions for a platform to be developed where all youths in the region could connect, meet, interact and most importantly feel like a family. (Note: the Asia Pacific youths have since started work on developing the platform and with Swami’s Grace, they aim to have it launched for the entire region as soon as possible!)


The Valedictory Session of the Asia Pacific Youth Meet 2019 was honoured by the arrival of YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports for the state of Sarawak, Malaysia on behalf of the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Malaysia. The Sai Angels brass band performed a wonderful bouquet of songs and compositions, varying from the famous “Hawaii-Five-O” to “Mission Impossible”. It was truly a display of dedication, resolve, gratitude and love which ended in a standing ovation for the band from all present!


The Minister, with immense happiness, gave a speech congratulating the Sai Angels brass band for their excellent performance. He also honoured the youths’ master, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and expressed how he had been inspired and deeply encouraged by the good work and efforts by the youths from all over the region.


Finally, Sri Madhusudan Sai delivered the closing address for the evening. He said that just as there are many instruments of different shapes and tunes in a band, when they forget their differences and come together in harmony; that is when there is music and symphony. Similarly, making reference to the message of the Vishwaniketanam Ashram, ‘Universal Home – All Are One’; outwardly the youths may look different, but inside they are all one and the same – and that was the key message of this Youth Meet. The evening, thus concluded on a most divine and inspirational note!

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