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Third Asia Pacific Youth Meet, 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Then came August 3, 2018, the date which marked the Third Asia Pacific Youth Meet (APYM), which was the main highlight of this Divine Visit. The theme given by Swami was ‘Unity in Youth – youth for youth, how can one youth help another youth’.

The day began with an opening speech by the chairman of Sai Ananda, Brother Ravi Nayar who welcomed all youth delegates from Region One. It was followed by a speech by Sister Bhuvana Santhanam who shared a letter written lovingly by Swami Himself, addressing all youth. In that letter, Swami emphasised the significance of time. Swami quoted that time is the only wealth for youth at this tender age. 


Brother Dinesh Rudra then coordinated the workshop whereby delegates were equally divided into groups to discuss a few objectives given by Swami. He had given specific instructions on how the session must be conducted, so that the end of the morning would result in three practical outcomes of how one youth can help another youth.

  • Sanjeevani Sadhana proposed by Swami in the first APYM

  • How one youth can help another in progressing spiritually

  • To build a platform for youths to communicate

  • Volunteering of youth in on-going, major Seva project in neighbouring countries


The groups presented the summary of their discussions and it was incredible to watch young, spirited boys and girls pledging to work for Swami’s projects in whatever way they could; even though the project was taking place in a country miles away from them. Indeed, we owe it all to Swami for this precious opportunity to work together with brothers and sisters from different regions to make His mission a success.

The final outcome of the projects will be gifted to Swami on his 93rd Birthday. The session ended with youth delegates whole heartedly dedicating a song entitled “ I will love you more and more each day”  followed by Arati.


In the evening, Swami arrived with His entourage to Sai Ananda at around 5 p.m. and first proceeded to inaugurate the ‘Sai Ananda Mobile Medical Van’. Thereafter, He proceeded to the free Dialysis Centre, blessed the patients, walked to Ananda Cares Tuck Shop, a part of Sai Ananda, which supports single needy women by providing skills training. Swami also blessed the Sai Ananda Kitchen and devotees who work very hard in preparing food for the event, before going to the Prayer Hall where over 500 people were seated to welcome God in their midst, including the youth from ten countries who had gathered for the annual Asia Pacific Youth Meet 2018. After a few Bhajans, a medley of songs was presented at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet by all the youth.


Brother Dinesh Rudra from Australia then summarised the morning session through a short presentation. Two youth speakers, Sister Sree Gaeythri from Malaysia and Sister Brinda Balasubramaniam from Singapore spoke on Swami’s command. Sister Sree Gaeythri spoke on how her life has become better when she surrendered to the Lord and when she subdued her ego, her sense of doer-ship and ownership. Sister Brinda spoke on how she has been inspired and transformed since the previous Asia Pacific Youth Meet, and how she is helping other youth join service activities in Singapore.


Sri B. N. Narasimha Murthy was invited to the podium next, who shared his experience on how Swami takes care of the needs of His children when they do His work. Swami then blessed all present with His Divine discourse.

In His discourse, Swami advised His youth that time is precious and never waste a second ruminating on the past or thinking of the future. Youth should also constantly ask if their thoughts and deeds take them closer to God. Mangala Arati was then offered.

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