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Tuition Classes for Needy Children

A group of dedicated volunteers gather every weekday evening at Sai Ananda Ashram to conduct free tuition classes for children living in the area of Kampung Laksamana, a poverty-stricken neighbourhood rampant with various social issues.

This class, which was started with just a handful of children, now serves over 150 children daily! These children, from 6 to 15 years old, mostly come from financially needy background and broken families. Sai Ananda opens its doors to keep these children in good company so that they stay away from the negative influences of society. 

A group of over 20 hard-working volunteers work passionately, not only to provide assistance in their academic progress but also to work on the character building of the children. The volunteers are continuously encouraged to lead the students by example. Besides that, they ensure that they give personal attention to all their students especially to those with behavioural issues.

The classes start with an energetic group singing of value-based songs. After which, the students are dispersed to their individual classes. 

While the teachers feed their minds, another group of volunteers works diligently in the kitchen to feed their stomachs. Yes, the children are also served with nutritious and sumptuous dinner daily! Van transportation is also provided for children with difficulty in getting to the class.

The volunteers thank Swami from the bottom of their hearts for the opportunity bestowed to transform themselves through educating and guiding the little ones on the right path!

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