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With the beginning of new year 2022, the sevā for the needy continued with much love and compassion.

In Sai Krupa, Penang, every Thursday, the homeless were served with hot and nutritious dinner. The Sai youth and devotees prepared food and hot drinks for 50 individuals. In addition, monthly rations for six families and financial support for two needy families were provided by the Sai youth.


In Sai Ananda, Kuala Lumpur, this year kicked off with providing daily lunch meals for 50 individuals. The Monthly provision camp, which is conducted every single month without a miss, provided provisions to over 100 families in need.


Not forgetting the preparation of food for Thaipusam, the Sai volunteers cooked three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for all the devotees who came to worship Lord Muruga. All the youth & elders came together to help and successfully prepared around 2,500 food packages. The inner joy that everyone witnessed was just unbelievable.

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