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Grama Seva and Medical Camp

Recently the youth volunteers of Sathya Sai Health & Wellness Centre (Divine Will Society) of Kuching, Malaysia organised another Grama Seva at two rural villages.

Concurrently, a medical camp was organised at four villages. The Grama Seva and medical camps were held in a remote area at Lubok Antu and Serian district of Kuching, Malaysia. These villages are homes of the indigenous people of east Malaysia.

A team of forty, including seventeen medical personnel (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical officer and nurses) volunteered for this project.


The constant support of the government is truly admirable as they had deployed helicopters to assist in logistics of the medical personnel.

Free medical screening was provided, such as:

  • physical examination

  • blood sugar tests

  • blood pressure monitoring

  • vision tests

  • breast cancer examination

  • health talks were provided

Meanwhile, the other team members were installing solar lighting. Others were helping in the playground with the children. There was also food distribution, distribution of daily use articles and planting fruit tree seedlings for the villagers.


Four members from Sarawak Cultural Village (tourism village), Kuching joined in to search for talent among the villagers in traditional music and dance. Other activities included, distribution of used clothes and distribution of toys to the village children. Additionally, singing and positive thinking talks were given to the young ones to nurture good values among them.


Over hundred and sixty patients in the four villages were screened and given treatment. Due to the remoteness of these villages, there is a need for more regular visits.


The youth gained valuable experiences and experienced a satisfactory joy by being able to serve the villagers.

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