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New Service Activity

The Children`s Specialty Hospital in Chihuahua provides medical and hospital service for the most unprotected population in the state.  When the father or mother of a family does not have steady employment, they can apply for “Government Healthcare” at a low cost, and in this way have access to medical and hospital services.

Swami devotee and member of the Chihuahua service group, Dr. Marisela Frayre, works in this Children`s Hospital, where she specializes in children`s physiatry and rehabilitation.

Moises Enriquez, a member of the musical group representing Latin America in the Youth Festival in Mudenahalli last November 2017, had an excellent idea and suggested to Dr. Frayre that he go to the Hospital once a week to play  his violin and guitar for the children during their morning rehabilitation.  This would make their physical therapies more pleasant and hopefully reduce the children`s tension and stress.

February 14 is a day Mexico celebrates friendship, and the plan was to coordinate with hospital personnel and Dr. Frayre, a music festival for the children who attend rehabilitation therapy, as well as the students of the hospital school, which is for the children who practically live there due to their serious health conditions.

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