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Foundation for the Centre for Human Excellence

The search for truth leads to the original source of perennial wisdom.  The Vedas and the Upanishads contain the eternal truths and in them, wise men and philosophers have found inspiration to better understand the way in which God unfolds His principle of creation, His manifestation of the reality of the world. The knowledge contained in them has pervaded, more or less, throughout the history of man. 


Sacred Geometry is present in all creation. 

Through it, the intrinsic geometric pattern can be identified in the formation of the leaf from a tree, a flower, a shell, human beings, a hurricane, a mountain or a planetary system. Wise men, artists, scientists and mathematicians have used this knowledge in different ways. For instance, in Islam, geometry is considered the manifestation of God, His Principle of Creation. The beautiful and exuberant decoration of the geometric figures in the Mosques are like praise to God.   


The architects in charge of creating the conceptual design of the Center for Human Excellence used information from Sacred Geometry as a reference, explained simply by architect Keith Critchlow, who designed the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi. All of this is thanks to the collaboration of Mr. Isaac Tigrett, a personal friend of architect Critchlow.


In the following slide show you can appreciate the form in which the Conceptual Design of the Centre was conceived, adapting almost perfectly to the land and distributing the areas according to Swami`s instructions, using Sacred Geometry. 


The devotees have been working on solving different legal matters concerning the land and providing all the elements required by the architects.  The architects in charge of the design are not charging for their professional services, only for the fees of the draftsmen and support personnel.

Concept Master Plan presentation - March  2018

Concept Master Plan presentation - March 2018

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