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Reflection Retreat and Get-Together

“Growing to be God” was the slogan that motivated the Chihuahua group of devotees to organize a retreat on Sunday, May 12, 2018, where the main theme was the study of the Divine lecture given in Sai Anandam on November 21, 2017 at Muddenahalli, India.


Swami said:

What is character?  One can define it in many ways, but for Me it is doing what is correct, at the correct moment, in the correct way, all the time.  The ability to choose good over bad, do what is correct instead of the incorrect at all times, unfailingly; that is character.  Developing that ability in education is extremely important.  When we speak of education, it is not only formal instruction in school.  Education is everywhere, it is happening all the time, all around.  Everything that is learned from other young people, in school itself and from schoolmates, from adults and from wise people, is education. 


The group of devotees has made another effort to understand and put into practice Swami`s proposals.  Before initiating the task of making the Center for Human Excellence a reality, they need to strengthen their bonds of friendship. One cannot give what one does not have. Therefore, it is vital for the team`s behavior to be consistent with Swami`s message.  This will be the source of authority for any initiative the Center proposes in the future. 

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