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Teachers Transformation Workshop

The subdivisión, Praderas del Sur, where Rene`s Gym is located is in an industrial zone and there are at least eight other similar subdivisions in that part of the city.  The State Government decided to develop an industrial park more than ten years ago in the south of the city in order to generate employment sources, in the hope that foreign companies, mainly maquiladoras (foreign manufacturers), would open their factories in the industrial park.  Foreseeing a high demand for jobs, the government authorized the development of nine large subdivisions and built thousands of houses.


Unfortunately, at that time China was able to attract many companies that had planned to open in Chihuahua, and the result is that the Industrial Park has few companies, and therefore there are many houses that are empty due to the lack of the anticipated employment.  Many of the abandoned houses are used by the city`s gangs where they hide and sell drugs. 


Rene`s Gym, although still small, is like a candle that with its faint light guides and protects children and teenagers who regularly attend, preventing bad influences of the gangs in the Praderas del Sur subdivision. 


In July of last year, the committe of devotees in charge of education lit another candle in Praderas del Sur when they responded to a request from the principal of the Frida Kahlo Primary School, to begin a series of workshops focusing on the school`s teachers.

The first workshop was given to 16 teachers of the morning shift had impressive effects on them, to the degree that the principal asked that on the third Friday of each month, the transformation process the devotees had begun, continue.

The workshops only hope to support the individual transformation process that each teacher freely decides to take on.

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