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Food For The Hungry

Tarahumara Communities

The Chihuahua Mexico Seva group has been working with Rene`s Gym and the young people he has been helping since October 2016.  Twice monthly the group goes to give Human Values and Yoga classes. The Seva group quickly got involved in extending this help to medical consultations, technical workshops and orienting Rene and his family so that they could start a shop to make and sell tortillas and become a sustainable Non-Governmental Organisation.  The group continues to serve as consultants for that business and every new initiative they add to their service.


Assembly line Tortas

mexico - 1.jpg

Serving Coffee

Following Swami`s instructions to feed the hungry the group began distributing “Tortas” (sandwiches) in one of Chihuahua`s downtown plazas on October 18, 2018. A month later, this led to a young Tarahumara community leader named Yolanda who works with Tarahumaras who have migrated here to the City of Chihuahua from the Sierra mountains. 

The group began by taking Tortas, fruits and juices each Saturday morning to Yolanda and her people on November 18, 2018. Initially they distributed 50 meals, but they are now up to 150 and have added coffee for the adults. 

Across the street from Yolanda`s house is a Christian church and meeting centre, and they offered the Seva group the use of their hall and kitchen facilities.


By joining forces to serve this community the group will be able to offer hot vegetarian meals in the near future to these people in a dining room on the premises! 

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mexico - mexico - 3.jpg

Handing out Tortas

Housing in the area

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Yolanda talking about serving hot meals in Tarahumar

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