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Seva in Chihuahua, Mexico

On His visit to Argentina in September 2018, when Swami directed His devotees to feed the hungry as their Seva Project; the Chihuahua devotees knew that the Tarahumara Indian Communities in the City of Chihuahua would be the place to go.

They were soon able to connect with a community living in the foothills of the Cerro Grande, one of the mountains surrounding their city. These families had migrated to the State Capital looking for a new life. 

The youth began by taking tortas (sandwiches), fruit and juice to these families. Soon, a Christian group serving the community through “La Victoria”, a church and community centre in the area, graciously offered the volunteers the use of their kitchen and spacious dining hall.  In this way, they were able to offer more complete and nutritional meals to the families on a weekly basis!


To date, the youth have been able to provide 1,800  meals for the families. Another benefit has been their newfound relationship with the members of the Christian church, who have welcomed them warmly! 


Their Seva has helped them bond more closely as a group,  and given them the opportunity to get to know better the people in the Tarahumara community. It warms the youth’s hearts to see the smiling faces of the adults and children who come to share a meal each Saturday! 

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