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Unity in Diversity at Work!

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, the Seva group of Chihuahua united with two other groups for this year’s Christmas Posada Party.  It was a true labour of love from three totally diverse groups: the Catholic Colegio Chihuahua, the volunteers from La Gran Victoria Evangelical Church and devotees of Sathya Sai Baba.

Over 250 people from the Vistas del Cerro Grande community, composed of mostly Tarahumara Indians, arrived to celebrate. 

Colegio Chihuahua sent a young, energetic group that brought two piñatas, that when broken open showered the excited children with candy. The teens organised the children to form lines and also play games, while the volunteers from the Evangelical Church helped control the large crowd of people eagerly awaiting to receive bags of tortas, fruit and juice that the youth had brought.  All of this took place outside the church that offers their facilities so that the youth can serve a hot meal each Saturday.


Of course, the children had to be given a big bag of Christmas candy, as well as a toy!  Many people had contributed beautiful toys in bright holiday wrapping paper, so that no child left without a gift!  While the youngsters unwrapped their presents and ate their candy, their parents lined up to receive woollen blankets; 100 blankets had been donated by the generous Colegio Chihuahua group.  They will be put to good use during this harsh northern Mexico winter.

One hundred families were given basic food packages donated by the government.  Here it should be noted that the number of people arriving each Saturday has increased dramatically due to the hunger prevalent in the Sierra Tarahumara.  Many of the people have been forced to leave their homes and migrate to the cities.

It has been Swami’s wish that the hungry be fed as a Seva priority; the youths’ duty is clear.  It is also clear that they can only meet the demand here in their area by joining forces with other like-minded groups, of which there are many.  It was clear to them at the Posada that they are all united under the same God to serve.  Unity in Diversity at work!  

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