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Singing For A Dream

The musical presentation would somehow reach the Lord and everyone wanted to be a part of it.  The group’s determination to get the job done made the Chorus stronger by the day!

In preparation for Swami’s grand 95th Birthday celebration in November 2020, Mexico was directed to form a Chorus to sing traditional Mexican songs for Him.

Ana Moreno was the natural choice to direct the group, with her years of experience that included several occasions where she played in person for Bhagawan in Prashanti and Muddenahalli. So, the call went out for anyone interested in joining the group and having the honour of singing at His Divine Feet. Devotees from different Mexican cities such as Chihuahua, Guadalajara, CDMX, Huamantla, Pachuca and San José de Los Cabos answered the call along with talented singers who had been singing Bhajans under Ana’s direction. Then, several people from Latin American countries such as Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, and even McAllen, Texas answered the invitation as well. Everyone was excited to have the experience of traveling to India for this grand occasion.   


Since many devotees from the group were singing for the first time in a chorus, a special training was needed and so, Renée Nevarez, voice teacher and professional singer, happily took on the challenge of training this large and diverse group via Zoom!

A special combination of clay ocarinas, guitars, violin, cello, bass guitar and Native and Latin drums would provide the accompaniment needed for the group; as well as uniting devotees to play and sing for Swami. Soon, the group was formed with rehearsals scheduled in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Songs were selected by all and sent to Muddenahalli for approval.

And then COVID-19 appeared on the horizon. Governments ordered people to stay home and keep their distance.  The solution for the chorus was online participation. However, preparing a group of this kind by Zoom appeared to be an impossible chore; an enormous challenge that somehow, resolved itself, little by little.


The most amazing thing was that even when the circumstances seemed to make it impossible to go on because of the pandemic’s enormous restrictions, people came together and the group grew in size and enthusiasm. It soon became evident that the majority of the group was determined to continue with the plan, although the outcome was unsure. The musical presentation would somehow reach the Lord and everyone wanted to be a part of it.  The group’s determination to get the job done made the Chorus stronger by the day. 


Members of the group in Chihuahua who carry out rehearsals under social distancing.

Comments by Members of the Chorus

“I am grateful to Swami for the opportunity to feel in my heart through song and to feel the unity and love of everyone who sings to Him.”  - Shanty Cardona Calderón, Guatemala.

“I am pleased to belong to such a great chorus, being able to do what I enjoy so much and even more, with people from different places expressing through song what we have to give from our hearts.  Although we are in a difficult situation, God has brought us here.  I hope to continue with this musical group and enjoy this beautiful experience longer. Essentially it is about knowing that God has everything under control. He has given us this time for our spiritual growth. Our purpose is Him, everything starts with Him and our gratitude towards Him. Being in the choir has been a beautiful experience for me, during which sharing, respecting, listening, obeying and unifying has been very enriching. Thank you Baba. I hope I can show You how much I love You through music and singing.” - Alejandra Calderón, Guatemala.


“I am very happy to form part of this beautiful musical group, sharing with all of you. When I share with you I feel very happy and it’s very nice because we share the same belief and the same love for music.  I feel that in the time we have been together, we have become a family and better able to achieve our goals.” - Valeria Alexandra Cardona, Guatemala.


“Thank you Swami for bringing me together with “Good Company” through the Project entrusted to Ana Moreno and to be able to sing to You as the ONE we truly are, deepening the ‘harmony’ WITH YOU.”  - Olivia Niño, BCS, Mexico.

“Thank you Swami for pampering us and lovingly allowing us to come together to sing our love for You in spite of the confinement. This is enjoying technology instead of being separated by it!  Sai Ram.” - Michele Charlotte Coulon, CDMX, Mexico.

“I am very grateful to God for bringing me to this choral group that is like a great family.” 

-Yvonne Sanchez-Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico.

“Personally, expressing myself through song has always been a yearning of my soul.  Since I began my journey with Swami it seemed that He was pointing me toward some place that I had always postponed going, due to fear and indecision, saying: ‘Here is your list of discipline and perseverance in order to be happy’. Without a doubt the chorus has made me braver, given me friends, new sounds, a divine connection and a great spiritual path to follow to express my love for Him.”  - Karla Lopez, Tlaxcala, México.

“I am grateful to Swami for uniting us to learn together the musical training to make our offering more pleasing to Him. I also understand that only in this way He has led us toward understanding friendship by sharing His love so that we each feel it and live the unity that He has always taught us.”  - Maria Lopez, Pachuca

“Thank you Swami for forming this marvellous and perfect group.” - Jane Franzen, CDMX

“Grateful to Swami for this marvellous opportunity of being able to participate in this beautiful group.  A blessed time to form a family to sing with the objective of singing in His Presence.” - Johanna Hill, El Salvador

“Love and eternal gratitude to my God and Guru Sathya Sai Baba.” - Elizabeth Lince, Texas.

“Beloved Swami, thank you so much for allowing me to participate in the Latin American chorus that besides preparing us to sing to You, also allows us to enjoy a Satsang to grow together.”  - Trini  Roman, CDMX.

“Swami, You gave us the opportunity to sing for You and we have been practicing at a distance through Zoom. We are very united and happy to come together in Your name.  We want to put forth our best effort to please You and are grateful for all You have given us. Thanks to our dedicated, stupendous teachers, Ana Moreno and Renee Nevárez who lovingly direct us so well. We know that You will like it. Om Sai Ram!”  - Lorena Gomez, Jalisco, Mexico 

“Dear Swami, thank you for the opportunity to be around so many good and nice people, singing along with them and sharing your love. May we all be happy.” - Adriana Rosales,       Chihuahua, Mexico.

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