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Seva Activities - 2019

1. Revision and style correction of the Spanish translation of the Handbook for Teachers and the workbook for parents by Suwanti and Ron Farmer. Edition is now beginning.


2. In Chihuahua city, Mexico the feeding of the poor and downtrodden continues on a weekly basis. In the year 2019, 7,279 meals were served to children and adults. A complete three-course meal plus dessert is served.


3. In Capital of Mexico, meals are distributed on a weekly basis among people waiting for their families outside a hospital. Until today, they have served around 5500 meals.


4. The group has been collaborating with the Spanish translation of several modules of the Leadership Program of the Hope Collaborative Leadership Program by Hope Collaborative. They are committed to translate the complete program.

5. Designed Teacher’s Manuals of the five Human Values for adolescents. These manuals are part of the Values Program of the Institute of Human Values of Latin America.

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