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Middle East Report - November

The month of November had been very special for the youth around the world as they got fully involved in various activities, both Spiritual and Service oriented. As Swami puts it right, that for a bird to fly effortlessly, both the wings should be balanced so that it takes the bird to better heights. He also adds that in this Kali age, just spirituality alone cannot take one to self-realisation, but it should be combined with service activity to evolve oneself from the mortal coils of “Punarapi Jananam” and “Punarapi Maranam”.


Spiritual Activities for November


The youth had organised Akhanda Bhajans at one of their houses which started at 6 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening.  They planned a day-long reading of Sri Sathya Sai Tapovanam Paraayan, with a good number turning out to read and listen to Sai Mahima. The ladies’ youth wing organised a chanting of Sathya Sai Sahasra Namaarchana (1008 names). The youth had a special get together on November 23 with Omkaram and Suprabhatham. In the evening, the youth had organised an energetic, vibrant two-hour Bhajans to sing out their heart to the Lord, thanking Swami for everything He had given to them.

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