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Seva Activities in the Middle East

“Aakaashat Pathitham Thoyam, Yatha Gachathi Saagaram, Sarvadeva Namaskaram, Keshavam Prathi Gachathi": As the water that falls down in rain from anywhere in the sky finally reaches the Ocean, the worship of any Divine Aspect ultimately reaches the Supreme Being.


The youth of the Middle East abide by this principle with a thorough understanding. These selfless souls do not make any discriminations on the basis of religion, gender or nationality when it comes to Seva. They have learnt to respect each one’s beliefs and understands that all are the creation of the One and the only Almighty. They are just ready to grab any opportunity given to them!


Weekends at Construction Sites:

During the weekend, the youth of the region set out to meet their brothers spread across four different areas to distribute items such as vegetables, fruits, toiletries, dry fruits, biscuits, juices and butter milk.  Anything that is distributed is given and accepted with pure and sacred love. The enthusiasm of the youth to set out for this Seva every week, without fail, is the testimony of the joy that they derive!


Swami’s constant message of involving the non-Sai youth in Seva activities empowered the youth team at one of the sites. They now work hand in hand with another group to serve their less privileged brothers. The team which was initially catering to a group of 65-80 laborers now serves 260 of them. This group is now able to provide more to their needy brothers and treat them weekly to a healthy mix of bananas, buttermilk, fresh fruit juices and biscuits.

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