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Middle East  Seva May 2019

When Swami beckons you, follow Him

Bhagawan has shown everyone the easiest path for self-realisation, which is selfless service to fellow beings. Swami keeps repeating that it is only through Seva and Sadhana can one attain the highest level of ‘oneness with the Divine’.  All His actions paved the path to selfless service to mankind and urged all to follow this less traveled route!


The month of May observed the holy month of Ramadan with prayers and fasting by the Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.  The youth of the Middle East were as usual, enthusiastic as well as happy to serve their friends in their inimitable way.


The youth set out to serve their friends who were toiling in the sun to make their ends meet; without food and water, as they were observing the Ramadan fasting. The youth served them with dry ration kits consisting of rice, flour, dal, oil, raw vegetables and such; so that these brothers can cook something fresh in the evening for their Iftar (the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan). It was very heartening to see them accepting these kits with a gleaming smile!

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