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Middle East  Seva May 2019

Special Eid Seva

Eid holidays in the region were celebrated in a special way, with Youth members meeting up at a Common park engaging themselves in various Games and Sports activities. This helped the group to enhance the bond between one another and to stay united for more responsibilities put forward to them.


The youth planned to take up a new Seva activity to serve a few caretakers who led a solitary life while feeding cattle, sheep, goats, camels and other animals deep inside the deserts.


It was such a wonderful evening with a new Seva of its kind, at a desert, for the caretakers of farms there. The youth had eight cars traveling as a convoy carrying 32 members from the Sai fraternity. They reached the first farm by 5 pm; provided all the basic necessities to the sole caretaker of the farm. The caretaker was more than happy to receive all of the youth with his warm gesture. One could see many of the members springing into action to set up his dilapidated kitchen with a new look. 


After a few selfies and groupies with the camels and other mammals, the group set out to a new place where there were five such caretakers for a comparatively bigger farm. One could see the "young youth" actively participating in the unloading and cleaning activities. The people there were shocked but at the same time delighted to see some totally unknown guests coming to their farm and helping them better their living environment. They ended the day's Seva by distributing dinner kits to all.


Everyone returned from the Seva with hearts filled with the joy derived out of sharing and caring for fellow brothers!

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