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Middle East  Seva July 2019

The holy month of July saw the youth planning their visit to Muddenhalli for Gurupoornima celebrations, to pay homage to their Divine Master, to thank Him for guarding and guiding their lives with a new meaning, to find their purpose and to do selfless service for others.


July and August mark the beginning of summer in this region. For those youth who could not travel to India, the Seva activities proceeded with the help of the elders who ensured that the Seva continued undisrupted. They all enjoyed the opportunity of serving the underprivileged. 

Youth at three different locations in the region visited their friends who struggle on their livelihood at construction sites.

To help endure the scorching heat, they served these laborers with buttermilk and juice. Additionally, rations such as rice, flour, lentils, raw vegetables and fruits were served every weekend. 

At the ladies camp too, Seva was undertaken before the summer break. Given the heat, the youth got the opportunity to serve them cold buttermilk and give them a monthly ration of dishwashing liquid.

With the guidance of Swami, the group has been able to undertake such activities and considers themselves fortunate to be able to use these undertakings as a means to exercise Swami’s teachings of “Love All and Serve All”!

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