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Seva in the Middle East

February 2020

Volunteers engaged in service in the Middle East have found incomprehensible happiness and some of them have even shared their experiences below. Truly a Fabulous February!

The following service activities were carried out in the Middle East:

Construction Site Seva

Heat of the desert regions is well known and to work tirelessly on construction sites in extreme conditions is very difficult. To serve such people, the youth from the Middle East region visited two construction sites to offer love and joy. This service has been organised at three construction sites. At one site, 320 workers are served, while in the other site, around 65 workers are served. The at the third site is carried out entirely by an enthusiastic youth team.

  1. Every Friday, the members go to the building sites and provide fruits, biscuits, juice / laban (buttermilk), vegetables and sometimes packets of dal (pulses) to the labourers. Hot, aromatic tea is served during winters to the tremendous joy of their dear brothers. Nothing gives the group more joy than seeing the glint of happiness in their eyes.

  2. Youth Seva - It is a great delight to watch the youth of a country who are the building blocks of society, engaged in serving society. The Middle East youth display great unity and strength in serving their fellowmen and in seeing them, it gives hope to the world that the future shall be bright. Every weekend, a group of youth visits a construction site to distribute fruits to around 320 workers.

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