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Middle East Seva Activities - April 2020

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan is the holy month when Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. Just like how the Vedas were revealed to the Rishis via sound waves/Tarangas, Quran too was a Divine communication. It is a month of silent and earnest remembrance of the Lord. The Sathya Sai families from the Middle East engaged themselves in selfless prayers/chants while at the same time, tried to render service to their fellow men.

While this has been a season of less activity, buzz and noise, with no social gatherings due to COVID-19, it has also been a season where the whole human race has come together as one big family, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, with people from different parts of the world wishing and praying unitedly for the welfare of the world, thanks to the internet and social media Apps by which each one is able to support, guide and collectively pray for all.

In the Middle East, this season has also brought about unemployment. Seven workers seized the hearts of the Sathya Sai volunteers. These workers had no job and no money to even buy their basic necessity, food. So, the group of volunteers made a schedule to serve their brethren with sumptuous meals and adequate quantities of potable water three times a day. The volunteers, following the safety precautions of wearing masks/gloves, collected the Prasad from the houses and delivered it to the workers. After a week of this service, it came to the notice of the volunteers that the workers had now received relief in the form of support by a Government body which is shouldering their expenses of stay, food and more. The volunteers thanked Bhagawan for giving them the opportunity to do service and for giving the workers their reassurance.

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